Greetings from 2015 Sculpture in the Park in Loveland, Colorado

Collectors, art lovers, and visitors at the 32nd Annual Sculpture in the Park exhibition may enjoy the amazing works of art on display this weekend in the Benson Sculpture Garden, which is situated around a lagoon in the midst of trees, flowers, and natural habitat areas in Loveland Colorado. Eric Stearns’ display shows off intricately pierced vessels, platters, and bowls against a neutral, natural backdrop to let the beauty of each piece shine. The show, which starts Friday Bowled Over, ©2015 by Eric Stearns, 2015 Sculpture in the Parkevening with an exclusive collectors party, continues Saturday, August 8th and wraps up on Sunday, August 9th, 2014.

Eric is excited to show his latest works of art, some of which feature patterned underglaze decals that echo the styles of his cutout patterns. Other pieces showcase brilliant metallic decals that accent his forms and glazework, like the bowl shown on the right with a gold decal accenting the convex box of green that’s emerging from the blue center.



Here’s a preview of the pieces Eric brought with him to Loveland, Colorado this year:

2015 Sculpture in the Park Loveland CO inventory